Ivy Cottage

Superb self catering cottage in Berwick upon Tweed in an ideal quiet location, five minutes from the beach, shops, restaurants and pubs.



Ivy Cottage

2c Bell Tower Park

Berwick upon Tweed


TD15 1ND 

For your guidance  


1. The heating and water are run on Economy 7, an off peak system based on a timer. Please leave the settings alone. The heating is switched on by separate wall switches. Gently pull down where it states Dimplex. The instructions are inside. Very simply they are set for off peak heating but a boost control is available to put the heating on when you need it. The water system (in the airing cupboard\) is the same with a boost available if needed.


2. A separate stand alone convector heater is also provided. This is much better to use than the boost. It can be set at different temperatures. Please see instructions in this booklet. Please note the fan on the unit does not work.


3. The heated towel rail and the heaters in the bathroom and kitchen are operated by pull switches. Please note that the bathroom towel rail gets red hot. Treat with caution.  


4. The fuse boxes are in the bedroom at the left hand side of the left window. It is a trip system so that if an appliance blows, etc then the trip will probably simply require re-setting.


5. Spare bulbs, batteries and fuses are supplied and are in a cupboard in the kitchen above the cooker. Please check that you have the appropriate bulb before attempting to change the bulb. (They are not all the same; for example the bathroom has a tiny G9 type bulb whereas the standard lamp has a standard size bulb but it is a screw type. The other bulbs in the bedroom and main room are standard push type fittings.)


6. Spare toilet rolls, salt, pepper, sugar, washing up liquid and washing powder are provided for your convenience.


7. A selection of paperbacks, games, jigsaws, videos and a pack of playing cards are provided to be enjoyed. A blank video is provided also.


8. Information is provided for Holy Island tides and for train times elsewhere in this brochure.


9. Information and brochures are included in this guide for other attractions in the area. The Berwick Tourist Office is just down the road in Marygate (see map in this guide) and is an excellent source of information about anything you need to know about the town and surrounding area.


10. Bins are emptied on Tuesdays. There is a recycling scheme but for some reason it does not apply to 2a, 2b or 2c Bell Tower Park. The bin is collected once every two weeks. Check with the neighbours. Please note that no glass is allowed in the bin. All glass should be taken to the dump up beside Morrisons. (Turn right at the end of High Greens where Kwikfit is) or in the bins at Somerfield’s in the town.  Other recycling can also be done at Morrison’s. If in doubt ask Alan at 2A.


11. The cottage is in immaculate condition for your enjoyment. Please help us to keep it that way. You are specifically requested to wash all dishes, cutlery and pans, dry them and put them away. A vacuum cleaner is also provided to keep the place clean. Please strip the bed and pile the used bed linen on top of the bed together with any other bed linen used for sleeping on the settees. Dirty towels should be placed inside the washer/dryer.


12. The nearest dentist is on 0289 306477 at Victoria House on Castlegate, next to Castlegate Pharmacy.


13. The nearest payphone is on the right hand side of Castlegate going down from 2c Bell Tower Park and is located between Neil and Sue’s and the Sue Ryder Shop.


14. Please note that the switch behind the microwave in the kitchen can be mistakenly switched off if you push the microwave against the wall. This switch needs to be on in order for the washing machine to work.


15. The washing machine is a good washer but a poor dryer. We find that if you spin everything again when the washer is finished it makes a big difference in the drying time.


16. Please note that the standing lamp in the corner of the lounge works by simply pressing the two buttons.


17. Sky has now been installed (9.3.10). The original TV remote must be used to switch the TV on and to change the volume. Then press AV on the TV remote. For everything else please use the Sky remote. If there are any problems please ring Ollie on 07833441466. If he is not available ring 07841293139.


18. There is also a 3 way scart switcher.


B=DVD player

C=VHS video

Simply press in the button you require. Only one button at a time must be in the on position or nothing will work. 


Have a great holiday and do come back!


Ian & Sylvia Heslop 01661 833071